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Airing Down For Off-roading

Airing down before turning on 4HI can mean the difference between a happy passenger and an unhappy one.

Installing a new suspension (for a lift kit) or new tires are going to make the ride smoother with increased travel.

To increase overall tire traction in all weathers and ride comfort, airing down your tires is the solution.

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Releasing air in your tires will increase the footprint of the tire, thereby increasing the friction and traction on the ground. Airing down your tires will also allow the tires to absorb smaller bumps in the road.

The one thing to note about airing down your tires is that it decreases your travel. It’s less than you think, usually 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch.

12V Tire Inflators

Now that you’re off the trail, it’s time to air back up. There are a few different solutions, all with different price ranges in mind.

Here are the top truck tire inflators on Amazon:

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One of the drawbacks of lower-cost tire inflators is generally the speed at which they inflate the tire.

The general price range of truck tire inflators is under $100 for general 4×4 and overlanding use. Most will inflate a truck tire in under 2 minutes from a low PSI.


There are always downsides when messing with your rig on the trail.

One of the risks of running low PSI in your tires is having your tires lose the bead, also known as debeading.

The bead runs on the inside of the rim, holding the tire in place. When the tire is inflated, it expands and pushes against the outer lip of the rim (wheel).

When the tire pressure is too low, the bead can slip over the rim, and lose tire pressure. This results in a sad flat tire 🙁 Here you can check Google:

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