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Wiring in a backup camera with factory harness

If you ordered a base Tacoma model, chances are you are wired for most aftermarket items.

This makes it easy to add things like a backup camera, mirror turn signals and more.

My Tacoma (2nd gen, 2014) thankfully was pre-wired for a backup camera. To check, I looked under the bumper near the gap between the truck itself and the tailgate.

The tailgate inside cover comes off easy enough with a hex bit.

IMG 7881

What I found was a blank (dummy) camera module.

IMG 7880

I bought my camera on eBay, it’s been working ever since.

Screen Shot 2020 09 22 at 11.23.17 PM
And here’s a pic of at night usage

Unbolt the two bolts holding the module in

IMG 8651

Make sure the harness underneath the bumper leading into the tailgate is plugged in, and automatically your stock dash will detect the camera.

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