If you ordered a base Tacoma model, chances are you are wired for most aftermarket items. It’s cheaper for Toyota to wire all the extra features in, but not include the module itself.

This makes it easy to add things like a backup camera, and mirror turn signals.

My Tacoma (2nd gen 2014) thankfully was pre-wired for a backup camera. To check, I looked under the bumper near the gap between the truck itself and the tailgate. I could see there was a wire coming from the cab that wasn’t plugged into anything. If you have a base-model Tacoma, you’re most likely already wired in.

Tools Needed

The tailgate inside cover comes off easy enough with a T30 Torx bit.

IMG 7881
Inside of Tacoma 2nd gen tailgate

What I found was a blank (dummy) camera module.

IMG 7880

I bought my camera on eBay, it’s been working ever since. The model number you need is 86790-04021.

Screen Shot 2020 09 22 at 11.23.17 PM
Pic from Sept 2020

You can also purchase the same camera module on Amazon:

Unbolt the two bolts holding the module in

IMG 8651

Make sure the harness underneath the bumper that leads to the tailgate is plugged in and automatically your stock dash detects the camera.

This is an easy add-on to your truck if you’re missing a backup camera. I now have a canopy on my truck, so the rear window is mostly useless for me. The backup camera gives me a much better view of my truck. Another easy mod you can do is changing the map lights to LEDs.

IMG 0751
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