Here’s a list of my explorations during my time living in the Lower Mainland. Some places I had the chance to see and explore, others I didn’t have enough time. The list is organized in no special way, some are not on maps or hard to find.

TrailCoordinatesElevation NotesURL
Roe Creek FSR49.96828, -123.17911553mPossibly still blocked. Leads to Brew Lake hiking trail parking lot
Chance Creek FSR49.96127, -123.15913385m
High Falls Creek49.96186, -123.25683682mWaterfall. Also accessibly by Squamish Valley Road
Ashlu Falls49.93417, -123.36020244mWaterfalls
Osprey Mine49.943237, -123.410920459mStructure south of coords.
Elaho FSR50.11327, -123.38734167m
Elaho FSR G Main50.13876, -123.49070267mSplit off of mainline
Maude Frickert Waterfall50.12893, -123.47014251m
Peaches and Cream Falls50.14857, -123.51121313m
Elaho Giant50.371669,-123.55937581m1000+ year old tree. Coords is trailhead
Bug Lake Trail50.24999, -123.59494305m841m elevation gain, lake is 1250m. Hike
Indian FSR49.70606, -123.10465131m
Indian River Falls49.545601, -122.916369120m
Hixon Creek FSR49.50443, -122.8941618mLeads to Norton Lake
Norton Lake Trailhead49.54163, -122.87282549mFollow trail North, leads to Don Lake and Young Lake
Forestry Creek hill49.53259, -122.9084535mClimbs Mount Eldee
Mamquam FSR49.70687, -123.10345143m
New Watersprite Lake Trail49.75522, -122.93108824mHike
Pinecone Lake Trailhead49.64317, -122.875091384mHike
Callaghan Creek FSR50.06977, -123.09682517 m
Northair Mine50.12602, -123.10446988m
Cougar Mtn / Sixteen Mile FSR50.16791, -122.92051668m
Showh Lakes 50.19450, -122.95994841mAt fork, take right
Soo River FSR50.20907, -122.88348537mAt bridge take right to stay on Soo River FSR,  left leads to 16 Mile Creek
Soo River Falls50.231885,-123.064475660mWaterfalls
North Rutherford Creek FSR50.27226, -122.86829361m
Owl Creek FSR50.35714, -122.73488328m
Owl Lake Trail 50.39999, -122.797251152mTrailhead to Owl Lake (~4km). Hike
Spetch Creek 50.41725, -122.70163378m
Birkenhead Lake FSR50.45314, -122.68451452m
Tenquille Lake Trail50.53023, -122.879591,446 mHike
Harrison West FSR – North 50.09300, -122.54162222mNorthern tip of Harrison West FSR, heads south towards Mission
In-Shuck-Ch FSR50.30332, -122.59339233mLeads to Harrison East FSR
Wilson Lake49.45512, -122.07703822mTake Chehalis Lake FSR, turn off is before Skwellepil
Chehalis Lake south old provincial Park 49.38793, -122.02684220mTurns into Chehalis South FSR. Great camping spot
Margaret Creek Pass FSR49.34549, -122.04852209mThis FSR may connect Chehalis and Norrish Creek FSR. Enter from: 49.25782, -121.95488
Mount Robbie Trailhead49.37126, -122.32586376m10km hike, 2000m elevation at top
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